Dolsot Bibimbap

Dear our beloved customers,

As we pass the 14-year mark of our restaurant’s operations, we are filled with emotions to announce that Seoul Food Restaurant will officially be closing as of this Saturday, May 11th. Our family has been very fortunate to be a part of PEI’s kind and loving community, having the opportunity to bring to you all our love and passion for Korean cuisine. We have had tremendous success with our family-owned small business over the years, evolving and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of PEI and its food service industry. Along the way, we discovered that our Seoul Food Kimchi was something that belonged beyond our restaurant doors here on University Avenue. With that in mind, during the past few years, our family had been looking for ways to transition our lives into the next chapter - to close our restaurant business and focus on other ventures, including that of our Seoul Food Kimchi.

While currently selling Seoul Food Kimchi at Atlantic Sobeys Stores, we have found the opportunity for our family to work and expand on our Kimchi business, as well as what else may come out of our ‘Seoul Food’ family business. We are thrilled, yet sad to say goodbye to what we have called a place of work and home the past 14 out of the 15 years we have lived here on PEI. To that end, we would like to say thank you ever so much for the meals you have enjoyed, shared, and cared for over the years.

We look forward to our next ventures, so instead of a goodbye, this is a see you soon. We hope to reach more people with the same level of love and care we have put into our restaurant, but at your local grocery and farmers markets for years to come in the Atlantic and the rest of Canada! So please keep your eyes and ears peeled, as we head off into our next journey in our life here on PEI.

Much love and gratitude,

Steven and Amy

Seoul Food Restaurant family owners